Teaching Technology Romance

We have discussed before how part of the downside of technology is that it doesn’t have a personal side to it. This means it cannot replace humans or can it? Technology is getting closer and closer to a personal humanistic component and Desti is using this to help people travel. Its goal to “master human-like … Continue reading

Does the “S” in iPhone 5S Stand for Security?

Apple has announced that the release of the iPhone 5S is being delayed until the fall.  This has instilled quite the fear in many of Apple’s supporters.  One may ask why is the new iPhone being delayed? That is why. Rumor has it that this delay is caused by the introduction of fingerprint scanning technology … Continue reading

Google Can Do What?!

Last week in class, we learned that Google’s mission is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Google carries out this mission through various outlets, including its enormous search-engine, Gmail, Google docs, and Google Calendar—just to name a few. However, Professor Kane also mentioned that Google can actually do much … Continue reading

Who said you can’t predict the stock market?

Unlike facebook, Google allows you to access much of their data. Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful, not to garner information about you in order to make money. As we talked about in class, Google’s data can be used to predict amazing things, such as if … Continue reading

My phone has superpowers.

Ok not really, but it could have “environmental superpowers.” It’s still as cool as it sounds; imagine dropping your phone in the Mods, or a cup of happy juice water, and it coming out in perfect working order. I guess there’s a slight catch; you’d have to go out and buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 in … Continue reading

50 Million LivingSocial Users Hacked

Add LivingSocial to the list of major online businesses that have been hacked. Forbes and New York Times have reported that 70% of user data at this “daily deals” firm has been hacked; 50 million out of their 70 million users! This incident is more of a story about the advancement of hackers than the … Continue reading

Google Glass Already Flunking Out.

Even though Google Glass won’t be broadly available to the public until 2014, the product has already received lack luster reviews from those who Google has allowed to test the product. As with any new product, Google Glass demands users to adjust to the product’s operating system. However, even Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said … Continue reading

Oh Boy…Yahoo really blew it!

I bet if there were a period of time Terry Semel (former CEO of Yahoo) could back to he would choose the summer of 2002. Two years before Google went public and way before Google’s stocks were valued at $500 a share, Google had asked Yahoo to buy them for $5 Billion. At that time … Continue reading

Fact: It’s Too Easy to Hack Twitter

Now I’m not saying I know how to hack into a twitter account (although I can certainly find out), but it has become obvious that people have no trouble gaining access of other people’s twitter account. Some of these hacks are in good fun, and are simply a nuisance to the owner of the account. … Continue reading

Twitter in Developing Countries

After last Tuesday’s class, where we talked about the importance of social media in dangerous or stressful circumstances, I started to think about how social media, especially Twitter, has made our lives easier. I specifically thought about my home country, Venezuela, and all other developing countries. Did you know that social media networking is growing … Continue reading

What exactly is “Big” Data?

There was recently a conference held in San Francisco which featured many industry leaders, notably Facebook, Google, Citibank, EBay, and many more. This Big Data Innovation Summit gathered some of the greatest minds in the world and also brought what this article calls “Big Data Newbies” to the conference who are looking for better jobs   … Continue reading

Coming to Terms with the Tablet

Did you know it is predicted that by 2015 there will be 82.1 million tablet users in the United States? I have remained a firm believer in print mediums as the world has moved to adopt tablets as a part of life. I can’t imagine that anything can replace the experience of receiving my monthly … Continue reading

eBay Crowdsourcing to Rally Against New Tax Bill

“Power in numbers.”  We all learned the phrase as little kids when we were taught how to deal with bullies.  Now, eBay is looking to utilize that idea to combat a new bill allowing states to tax online transactions. As we’ve seen in the last couple of weeks, crowdsourcing has become a valuable and increasingly … Continue reading

Netflix takes on HBO

In class we saw that Netflix was victorious in it’s rivalry over DVD rental businesses, most notably Blockbuster.  Now, Netflix’s competition is focused on cable stations with their own streaming networks, such as HBO. In previous years, HBO has consistently had more subscribers than Netflix, especially since HBO Go is the only method by which … Continue reading