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GOOGLE GLASS Hacking! Mission Complete!

Google has been investing a lot on innovations trying to build the next big thing. And, its newest invention called Google Glass has been on the top tech news for weeks. Back in early 2012, the tech world was amazed with rumors that Google was inventing an augmented reality goggles. As days went by, it … Continue reading

Data in Motion: The way to solve Big Data and Data Security

Just as the Internet is bringing together people, process, data, and others things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable, Organizations now requires technologies (which includes tools and processes) that can handle the large amounts of data and storage facilities in order to be able to turn information into actions that will create key … Continue reading

OutSourcing? A thing of the past

For the past quarter century, outsourcing and offshoring have been a focus of businesses and globalization. Companies in developed markets moved jobs away from their home country to company owned facilities abroad (offshoring) or to third parties (outsourcing) in developing countries. The reason was very clear, cheap labor would lead to cheaper manufacturing cost, and … Continue reading