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50 Million LivingSocial Users Hacked

Add LivingSocial to the list of major online businesses that have been hacked. Forbes and New York Times have reported that 70% of user data at this “daily deals” firm has been hacked; 50 million out of their 70 million users! This incident is more of a story about the advancement of hackers than the … Continue reading

Small Businesses: Hackers’ New Victims

When talking about the threats of hackers, people tend to focus on their threats to large corporations. Included in this group of people are small business owners, who tend to take the “it can’t happen to me approach” to the issues associated with hacking. Hackers are starting to prove these small business owners wrong, as … Continue reading

Would you do business with Dell?

Let the race begin: As Dell has started to contemplate the idea of going private, the bidding war for control over this company has emerged. Many view Dell as being doomed, a company that has failed to redesign their once prosperous supply chain and has succumbed to the pressures of the increasingly standardized field of … Continue reading