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Google Glass Already Flunking Out.

Even though Google Glass won’t be broadly available to the public until 2014, the product has already received lack luster reviews from those who Google has allowed to test the product. As with any new product, Google Glass demands users to adjust to the product’s operating system. However, even Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said … Continue reading

MyHealthTeams: Social Media Provides Health Care Relief

MyHealthTeams, founded by Eric Peacock, is a venture backed company that creates social networks for chronic disease communities. The company strives to provide those who are affected by chronic diseases with a resource for communication with others that have a similar diagnosis. Eric started the company after he noticed a trend in families reaching out … Continue reading

Using Technology to Replace Low-Wage Workers

With minimum wage requirements potentially on the rise many small business owners are considering using technology to replace minimum wage workers. Increases in minimum wage hurt small business owners’ bottom lines by obliging them to spend more on payroll, related taxes, and benefits. Many owners are starting to feel the pressure after having seen the … Continue reading