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Happy birthday, iTunes!

Video killed the radio star? No, you can thank iTunes for that. A recent CNNMoney article (link below) outlines exactly how since their start, iTunes, although increasing the number of music sale transactions, has exponentially decreased the profits from sales in the music industry. Apple’s iTunes music Store debuted on April 28, 2003, introducing things … Continue reading

Hacker Hijacker

On Wednesday, Hugo Teso, a security researcher for a German consultancy company named N. Runs spoke at the “Hack In The Box” security conference in Amsterdam. In his presentation, he demonstrated how he could use his Android smart phone in order to hijack an airplane. With the use of the Android, he would be able … Continue reading

e-Commerce companies are coming for you, middlemen.

Up and coming companies are making an entrance in a way that has not been executed very well in the past. “e-Commerce companies” are taking tackling the business world, without stores. Instead, new start-ups are finding success through the use of almost purely online stores. By going online and straight to the customers, these companies … Continue reading