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Netflix takes on HBO

In class we saw that Netflix was victorious in it’s rivalry over DVD rental businesses, most notably Blockbuster.  Now, Netflix’s competition is focused on cable stations with their own streaming networks, such as HBO. In previous years, HBO has consistently had more subscribers than Netflix, especially since HBO Go is the only method by which … Continue reading

Don’t Map and Drive

Don’t text and drive.  We’ve all seen the commercials.  They invoke feelings of fear and sympathy for the victims of distracted driver accidents to encourage us to avoid the temptation of our phones while driving.  Since the development of the smartphone, especially the iPhone, distracted driving due to mobile device usage has increased exponentially. As … Continue reading

Survival of the Fittest: Tablet Edition

It’s surprising to think that E-Readers and tablets were popularized with the introduction of Amazon’s Kindle six years ago.  Since then Apple and Barnes & Noble, among other companies, have released their own tablet products as well as the updated software versions. This easily transportable technology allows the user to read books, watch movies, the … Continue reading