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Google’s Anticipation Engine

Samsung and Intel have now joined Google in investing in an ‘Anticipation Engine’ start-up called Expect labs. It is a small start-up that has had a lot of cash thrown at it lately. The folks from Google have been putting a lot of money behind machine-learning engines, and trying to learn our ways to suggest … Continue reading

Digital Health: It’s On

In the past you would go to the doctor’s office and when they saw you, they would carry a mess of papers documenting your medical history. Now doctors have all these medical records on tablets where they can easily access any patient’s information with a few touches on a screen. This is one of the … Continue reading

New Silicon Valley headquarters offer more perks than ever to recruit, retain talent

Apple’s ring-shaped, gleaming “Spaceship Headquarters” will include a world class auditorium and an orchard for engineers to wander. Google’s new Bay View campus will feature walkways angled to force accidental encounters. Facebook, while putting final touches on a Disney-inspired campus including a Main Street with a barbecue shack, sushi house and bike shop, is already … Continue reading