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Hulu’s Current State

Tuesday the online video web site Hulu, stated that it had doubled its number of paying subscribers in the last year to four million. The announcement comes in the midst of some uneasiness at Hulu, as two of its owners, Walt Disney Company and News Corporation, have been hinting that they may sell. Also last … Continue reading

Smartwatches: Are They the Way of the Future?

Recent speculation is that the new hot technological gadget on the horizon will be worn around the wrist. Commonly referred to as smartwatches, these devices have everyone wondering whether they will revolutionize mobile devices. However, the question that remains is will people actually have a use for them? Obviously there are people who love new … Continue reading

Are Middlemen Becoming a Thing of the Past?

A new trend emerging for e-commerce companies is the elimination of middlemen. Many online companies are now trying to build premium brands at lower costs by going straight to manufacturers. These companies offer products that range office supplies to nail polish and the products are generally cheaper. The result is higher profit margins for these … Continue reading