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Is It Worth The Risk?

In our recent discussion about security and hacking, I thought that it would be relevant to examine the website The Pirate Bay, which allows its users to upload or download different types of media files. This website is always running into legal trouble from organizations looking to for allowing the illegal downloading of a multitude of … Continue reading

Being Rewarded For Hacking

On March 7th, Google held its third annual event called the Pwnium Hacking Competition where they invited hackers of all sorts to test the security and software of the Chrome OS running on a Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook. Google has been increasing known for paying others to discover vulnerabilities within their product. During these events, … Continue reading

Turning Outsourcing into Near-Shoring

In recent history, the business tactic of outsourcing and offshoring, where companies would hire outside organization from a distant foreign country to perform their business processes, has created a debate among the citizens of the United States and was even topic for debate in the latest presidential election. According to an article in The Washington Post, … Continue reading