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Social Media for Market Driven News.. Too Much??

Following last months SEC authorization of social media as a means for market driven news, bankers, CEOS and hedge funds have become ubiquitous on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. With the growing use of social media in alternative contexts comes much speculations on where the SEC should place more regulations in order to more closely manage … Continue reading

Your Own Customer Identity…

Consumer switching costs are a major part of a plethora of industries, from telephones and cellular networks to newspapers and magazine subscriptions to the airlines and travel choices. With a substantial switching costs, companies are often able to assure their customer’s loyalty or perhaps even reduce competition in the industry by providing strict contractual guidelines … Continue reading

Jobless or Innovator?

           Since the industrial revolution, society has created boundless excuses for what “takes” our jobs, seeking an exterior source of unemployment. Is it the proliferation of outsourcing? Is it technology’s double-edged sword that allows for new technological devices to replace the human hand or even worse, the mind? Unaware of the … Continue reading