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A Much Deserved Second Chance

I think we all understand how horrible the events are that took place at the Boston Marathon. It left 3 dead and over 140 injured, many of them athletes that were trying to accomplish their goals of finishing the Boston Marathon. Among the victims were several runners that lost legs in the explosions. Running was … Continue reading

The New Facebook “Home” May Be a Step Too Far

At a recent showing, Mark Zuckerberg announced a new Android app that will basically act as a skin. The Android home screen is replaced with a graphic version of the Facebook news feed and the home page will have additional Facebook features for posting to the site and communicating with friends. The app is a way for … Continue reading

Tech CEO’s Resort to Bashing the IPhone

The IPhone is extremely popular, not only because of the technology present but also the feelings people associate with the IPhone. The IPhone is almost universally viewed as sleek, fashionable, and cool. When some people see others with a flip phone they look down on them and think it is strange. Flocks of middle school children go … Continue reading