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Google Can Do What?!

Last week in class, we learned that Google’s mission is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Google carries out this mission through various outlets, including its enormous search-engine, Gmail, Google docs, and Google Calendar—just to name a few. However, Professor Kane also mentioned that Google can actually do much … Continue reading

Cryptocurrency and Your Virtual Wallet

Most of us know the Winklevoss twins and their involvement in Facebook, whether it’s from their media presence or their role in the Social Network. After suing Facebook, claiming they played a much bigger role in its origin, the twins have been involved in a number of different business ventures. Hukkster, one of my favorite … Continue reading

The Demise of the One-Trick Pony(ies)?

Although Dell has suffered significantly over the past few years, with revenue below management projections for seven straight quarters, Dell in its heyday is still studied and known as the master of the supply chain. In 2005, only eight years ago, Dell was the number two computer company in the world. So how did a … Continue reading