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eBay Crowdsourcing to Rally Against New Tax Bill

“Power in numbers.”  We all learned the phrase as little kids when we were taught how to deal with bullies.  Now, eBay is looking to utilize that idea to combat a new bill allowing states to tax online transactions. As we’ve seen in the last couple of weeks, crowdsourcing has become a valuable and increasingly … Continue reading

Police Officers Begin Wearing Cameras On Duty

Every time I find myself on the Internet, I somehow see a video of a cop abusing a civilian or a civilian being disrespectful to a cop.  YouTube and World Star Hip Hop have become the Mecca of police videos.  However, every video cannot be taken at face value because the bystander often starts recording … Continue reading

Macy’s to Implement RFID Technology

In every level of business, technology is an integral element in creating and sustaining a competitive advantage.  The use of the latest information systems can allow a firm increased functionality and profit margins if utilized correctly.  As it has advanced, technology has become much more affordable for businesses to implement into their plan. Technology can … Continue reading