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What is CISPA?

  As we were rightfully distracted this past week the Senate still went to work. Senate was faced to vote on two controversial bills about our civil liberties. One was to allow background checks to buy guns, which didn’t pass, and CISPA that did. Am I the only one that doesn’t know what CISPA is? … Continue reading

Is Brazil ready for a mobile explosion?

My former roommate returned to the states after working in Asia with a start up company. As he told me about his job, travels and the ridiculousness of weeklong celebration of the Chinese New Year, he finally started to talk about moving to Brazil.  Why Brazil? According to my roommate and other credible sources (I had to … Continue reading

Has technology ruined the way we watch sports?

Before I hear everyone scream “No!” at the same time hear me out.  I realized we have come a far way since the first televised sporting event in 1939, where the Columbia Lions took on the Princeton Tigers. The black and white production was supported by only one camera with limited regional access as there … Continue reading