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What exactly is “Big” Data?

There was recently a conference held in San Francisco which featured many industry leaders, notably Facebook, Google, Citibank, EBay, and many more. This Big Data Innovation Summit gathered some of the greatest minds in the world and also brought what this article calls “Big Data Newbies” to the conference who are looking for better jobs   … Continue reading

Are Netflix and Facebook working together?

Netflix has clearly become the dominating force in DVD rental and Online Streaming company in the United States, beating out former competitor Blockbuster. Facebook has over a billion users. With other online streaming sites beginning to give Netflix some trouble recently, they have been trying to do everything to improve their site and system. A … Continue reading

Is China Launching a War against Apple?

David Monahan March 24, 2013 MI021   Did China Just Declare War On Apple?  Sure Looks Like It.   The international market for goods is one of the most analyzed aspects of world economies. As we have seen recently, the smart phone market is rapidly expanding and it seems as though everyone either has an … Continue reading