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The Future of Internet Security

As we discussed in class, hacking can be a serious problem. One person or a small group of people can attack and entire company to steal information about the company or its customers. This can be very costly for a company. However, it is still extremely hard to prevent a hacking. Companies would have to … Continue reading

In Defense of Traditional Books

I have enjoyed reading books ever since I started to read. When I was younger, one of my favorite things to do was to slam the book shut and put it on my bookshelf after I finished it. When I did this, I felt satisfied when I did this because it was my way of … Continue reading

Innovation, the Internet, and Coffee Shops

In the 1650’s, coffee shops in England were a center for innovation and the creation of good ideas. Steven Johnson explains in his TED talk from 2010 that the layout of the coffee shops were very conducive to innovation. People from various backgrounds could get together and share their thoughts and ideas. From this sharing … Continue reading