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Got Data?

Data is a valuable asset for businesses. It can be used to enable business processes, improve operations, and increase customer switching costs. Data alone isn’t useful; how it is leveraged is what can create a competitive advantage for a business. There are various methods used to collect data. Among these are surveys, point of sale … Continue reading

The Troll Under The Bridge

The Idea: We all know the children’s story about the troll that lives under a bridge. To cross the bridge a toll must be paid to the troll. The troll is nasty, greedy, and mean. The heroes of the story tried to find other paths to get across without having to deal with the troll, … Continue reading

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Common perceptions of technology are that it is something advanced, complicated, and futuristic. Technology is in fact a tool, and a valuable one at that. When used properly it can put a business ahead of all of its competitors. The use of technology in business models must be coupled with market knowledge and strategy. Business … Continue reading