Posted by annashang

My phone has superpowers.

Ok not really, but it could have “environmental superpowers.” It’s still as cool as it sounds; imagine dropping your phone in the Mods, or a cup of happy juice water, and it coming out in perfect working order. I guess there’s a slight catch; you’d have to go out and buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 in … Continue reading

Smell-o-vision is real.

While the Google Nose was just a mere April Fool’s joke, the technology of replicable scents intrigued me; so I looked more into the subject. Turns out, it’s not really a joke but rather a serious field that could reap serious benefits. There’s even an entire society and conference dedicated to the idea, called the Digital … Continue reading

It’s your cloud, or is it?

Call me paranoid but I’m that person who rips off and shreds the address and name label off of every package or piece of mail I receive. So what if the movie Identity Thief actually had a happy and endearing ending? No one has the time to drive cross-country to single-handedly, with no police assistance, … Continue reading