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Tell me something I don’t know. I am lost and don’t know where to go. Help me to connect with my different groups of friends separately. Help me set up an easy to use and business appropriate email. Show me pictures of the people and places I ask you to show me. Keep me up … Continue reading

Small Business and Modern Advertisement

For most small businesses out there today, advertisement is the key to success. But with costly television and newspaper ads, small businesses struggle to get their name out while attempting to make a profit. That’s where social media comes in. It’s actually easier nowadays for a small business to be successful due to the available … Continue reading

Exponential Innovation: The Ripple Effect

               Technology is ever increasing, ever advancing. We know this through Moore’s Law. And, as seen in the video, technology has impacts that expand like the ripples on a pond. From the center (the development and release of a new technology) to the outermost ripple that seems unrelated. This … Continue reading