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History Repeating Itself: BadNews

In class, Professor Ransbotham spoke of the SQL Slammer virus and how it overtook Microsoft database products around the world within a mere 30 minutes. He went on to discuss how virus creators and hackers focused on creating malware especially for Microsoft, because it made more economic sense given the large number of people and … Continue reading

Are Tech Savvy Kids of Today Slowing Companies in the Future?

“Ok, one more episode of Gossip Girl,” (45 minutes later) “Ok, just one more…” Students, young and old alike, have fallen victim to the addicting and easy-to-use Netflix service.  With its online technology eliminating geographical barriers, limitless amounts of video selection, and its tailored customer service due to its cinematch system, Netflix has literally run … Continue reading

Cutting with the Wrong Side of the Sword

Given how integral technology and the computer have become in today’s society, it is hard to remember that the first user-friendly Internet interface only came into existence in the early 1990’s. Because society still remains in its infancy in regards to advancing technology, the decisions people make today about how to implement and utilize this … Continue reading