GOOGLE GLASS Hacking! Mission Complete!

Google has been investing a lot on innovations trying to build the next big thing. And, its newest invention called Google Glass has been on the top tech news for weeks. Back in early 2012, the tech world was amazed with rumors that Google was inventing an augmented reality goggles. As days went by, it is becoming a reality, it is released for developers a few days ago, which is far, far closer than anyone would have guessed. It is a wearable computer with a head-mounted display that is new to the technology world. Its attempt to free data from desktop, portable devices making it hands-free and its multifunction are attracting all kinds of people’s curiosity.

If Google Glass successfully win customer’s love, it will possibly become the next big thing like iPhone did years ago. However, there are still lots of issues that Google has to solve, such as law issues caused by Glass’s possible distraction to users, its compatibility to shortsighted people and most importantly its security. But, the FACT is !Google Glass Has Already Been Hacked By Jailbreakers! Just a few days after 1500 of them were being released.

“With a name like Glass, it was just asking to be cracker”

A famous Android and iOS developer and hacker named Jay Freeman, also named “Saurik”, has successfully tested a known exploit for Android on Glass and announced his success on Twitter Friday afternoon. Those who have Jailbreaked their iPhone may have heard of “Cydia”, a widely used app store where you can download expensive apps in your iPhone for free after jailbreak. Saurik is the creator of it, and his finding on Google Class would potentially remove any restrictions Google might place on Glass.


Just as my classmate Taylor wrote on her blog, “Google Glass Already flunking out”. The product has already received lack luster reviews from those who Google has allowed to test the product. Google glass is now facing the same problem iPhone once faced. Jailbreaking Google glass could make it possible to store data locally on the device or on Bluetooth-linked phone, rather than upload it automatically to Google’s servers, which is a measure that some privacy-conscious users may appreciate. Jailbreaking may also cut Google’s profit in the future, because it is very possible that Google is going to have an “App Store” for their Glass, and if the something like “Cydia” is open for owners, they can easily download applications for free. Another possible threat is that jailbreaking could cut off Google’s ability to remotely “brick” the device, permanently disabling it if the user violates Google’s term of use.

It is a big issue for Google on how they should handle possible cracking problems and prevents future loss of control of their products. Though they can learn from Apple and update their software very often to come up with new versions, but hackers will always keep hacking.


Just a Funny Video on Google Glass :


6 thoughts on “GOOGLE GLASS Hacking! Mission Complete!

  1. As you clearly demonstrate, Google Glass is a very cutting edge technology, but some of the kinks still need to be worked out. However, I am somewhat inclined to think that if Google Glass can benefit from the virtuous cycle of network effects by creating a network that attracts app creators, Google Glass will become more valuable as time moves forward.

    You conclude that hackers are an inevitable problem that all technology companies must counter, and I could not agree more. However, perhaps such an early attempt (and successful one at that) of hacking bodes well for Google. If hackers are already trying to hack Google Glass, maybe they already recognize the potential ROI for hacking the device. If this is the case, the cyber criminals may be seeing the value of Google Glass and are already trying to capitalize on it.

    This post is very relevant as we just finished our case study of Google, while at the same time, Google Glass is starting to become available to the public. I really like how you included a serious Glass video as well as a satirical one, which may be pointing to some potential issues that have yet to be resolved.

  2. Thank you for clarifying for me what exactly Google Glass is. The videos were really helpful. Google Glass seems very cutting edge and futuristic.However, I see a lot of problems with that this product could cause. For example, people already live their lives staring at screens. I was on the train and looked around at all the people and all of them had their faces buried in their phones. Google Glass would cause more of a lack of face to face interaction. In addition, if the product becomes hugely popular, I can already see a new law preventing wearing Google Glass while driving. I can also foresee a ton of people not obeying this law and causing car accidents. Google Glass seems like a huge distraction from life, and reality. People need to start living in the present moment and fully experiencing their environments. You can’t automate and digitize everything.

  3. Your article helped clarify what Google Glass may do, but I’m still unsure of what advantages it would provide for users. Additionally, the learning curve on how to use the product can’t be easy as we’ve never seen anything like it before. I’m not sure people have the patience to become fluent in Google Glass operations. It is less concerning to me that Google Glass has been hacked though. Almost all technologies like this can and do get hacked, and the companies can handle it and be successful anyway. Personally, I feel like Google Glass would be a casualty of social networks. Early on it is bound to have bad reviews from those having difficulties with it, and once those reviews go online, the entire social circle of the dissatisfied customer will be less inclined to purchase the new technology.

  4. I recently watched a video of a developer showing Google Glass off for the Washington Post. Instead of showing off its capabilities, he more clearly showed its flaws. The voice recognition continually misheard the developer, which led to a few embarrassing moments where Google Glass was searching for when the Washington post was “pounded” instead of “founded”. Furthermore, anyone besides the developer who attempted to use the glasses were frustrated by the specificity it requires for use. Finally, I think its under rated just how clunky the glasses appear. I hope I’m wrong, and that the technology becomes useful, because I believe it is a cool idea.
    I think you did a great job of showing the potential threat of jailbreaking. I was unaware of this issue and you demonstrated both the problem and its threats.

  5. This was a great blog post. This clarified what the Google Glass is actually meant to do, and the videos were great too. The idea of the Google Glass seems very cool and revolutionary but based on what I’ve read and heard I feel like when it is released it will be very underwhelming. As the video showed, the applications of the Google Glass seem like they would be distracting and I would rather just enjoy life as is instead of have technology run my life. We must ask ourselves the question of how much technology is too much? It seems that our generation is relying too much on technology and not enjoying the simple things in life. I can’t see the advantages of Google Glass outweighing the negatives, and I feel like the positives will be underwhelming at that

  6. Great blog! I hadn’t been keeping up with the most recent developments of Google Glass, so this hacking scandal has come as a surprise to me. Like you pointed out in the blog, Google Glass is getting a lot of slack now, just as the IPhone once did. But if Google is able to make their product secure and more desirable to the masses, they could gain some serious clout through network effects, word of mouth marketing, etc. I’ll be interested to see where Google Glass heads in the future.

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