My phone has superpowers.

Ok not really, but it could have “environmental superpowers.” It’s still as cool as it sounds; imagine dropping your phone in the Mods, or a cup of happy juice water, and it coming out in perfect working order.


I guess there’s a slight catch; you’d have to go out and buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the rugged, dust-proof, waterproof version when it gets released in the near future. But even if that doesn’t convince you to switch, there are plenty of other consumers that Samsung is after. A rugged version of their new smartphone could bring in business from military and government contracts, a sector that Samsung wants to steal share from Apple and BlackBerry.


Lucky for the rest of us ordinary citizens, there are companies out there ready to make our cell phones more durable. Liquipel is a company based in the best place on earth southern California that wants to waterproof phones both before and after market. That means you can either buy a pretreated smartphone directly from their site (side note: did you know Pharrell Williams was 40 years old? Crazyy) or wait for one of their new handy-dandy machines to come to a mall near you. The company is offering its 4ft by 4ft “Liquipods” for shops that want to provide the Liquipel treatment themselves. You, as a customer with a phone that has no keyboard (lol BlackBerries), can have your device treated right in front of you for approximately $60. Yesssss, finally a kiosk worth stopping for. The Liquipel 2.0 treatment achieved a liquid protection rating of IPX7, which means devices can be immersed at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.


Another company called Waterfi offers the same service using a dual layer technology that protects your item to a IPX8 level, which means its safe to constantly submerge it like while swimming, surfing, underwater whale watching, mermaid catching, you name it. They currently only sell premade products (iPods, Kindles) but it’s possible that you could contact them and ask for a custom job that will make your iPhone (nearly) indestructible.

So this is one situation where there isn’t an app for, and the superpowers don’t include x-ray vision (yet) or mind-reading (it’s debatable). But we have the next best thing with start-up companies hoping to win your heart by endowing your phone with the ability to take Instagram pics in a whole ‘nother element, pun intended.


3 thoughts on “My phone has superpowers.

  1. Very good blog post. It was fun, lighthearted and enjoyable to read while still being educational and very informative. Considering the price of these phones, the fact that they sometimes stop working simply from a little bit of water exposure such as rain is quite unfortunate. These startup companies have great business strategies and there is a definitely a market to sell to. Getting your iPhone protected by one of these machines or companies is an insurance policy that is certainly worth paying for if it means you will be protecting your phone from any of the countless freak accidents that could ruin your phone. Not to mention that it will certainly affect the GoPro market. If iPhones can now be used under water or during various other extreme sports, it could take some marketshare away from GoPro’s and I would be interested to see if GoPro somehow gets involved in this by creating an App for an iPhone for example. Great blog!

  2. Very interesting post. I have never actually heard of anything like this. Several of my friends have the LifeProof case which apparently stops water from getting in. However, I find those phones very hard to type on. I remember several phone companies trying to come out with the indestructible flip phone a couple of years back. Although I think this technology could be really useful especially considering the price of phones, I don’t think I would ever get it. I don’t really know many people who would go swimming with their phone in the pool. I curious to how this works, but this company is definitely going to be very profitable.

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog post very much. How much money do people spend on to replace their phones due to a silly mistake? Or how much companies like Apple spend to replace your phone because you have a warranty? I think that if phones and other technologies are made with greater protection and durability there would be a universal saving of money on technology. I know of people that are very protective of their belongings; making sure they don’t scratch it or damage it in any way, but accidents happen, many that are beyond our control. Increasing the durability of technologies would be a great development and would make our devices more valuable.

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