Does the “S” in iPhone 5S Stand for Security?

Apple has announced that the release of the iPhone 5S is being delayed until the fall.  This has instilled quite the fear in many of Apple’s supporters.  One may ask why is the new iPhone being delayed?

ImageThat is why.

Rumor has it that this delay is caused by the introduction of fingerprint scanning technology into the iPhone.  Michael Elgan stated, “I believe Apple sees the NFC chip and fingerprint scanner as part of a Grand Strategy: To use the iPhone as the solution to the digital identity problem.”  With IT Security becoming a more prevalent issue, this could be Apple’s best innovation yet.  A perfect example of IT Security is the Associated Press scandal that someone wrote about in their blog post, which showed how easily a breach in IT security can affect a nation.  In addition to that, this iPhone software would put the user in charge of what is secure and not, giving them the choice in the matter.  But unfortunately with such innovation, difficulties can come with creating the product.  Some of the possible reasons for the push back of the release are:

1.  Reuters reported that, “A supply chain source in Taiwan said Apple was trying to find a coating material that did not interfere with the fingerprint sensor, and this may be causing a delay.”

2. Difficulties within manufacturing

3. Getting this new software to work with a 99.99% reliability

4. App Testing

Now the real question is, is this new take on the iPhone worth the wait?  In my opinion, absolutely.  No one has been able to solve the IT security issue yet in the world.  This could be the first step to solving this problem that plagues the world.  It could revolutionize technology as we know it.




7 thoughts on “Does the “S” in iPhone 5S Stand for Security?

  1. In light of our class lecture regarding technological security, the topic of this article is very intriguing! Apple is always ahead of the game and clearly, once again, Apple is thinking about what the consumer wants before the consumer even knows. Not to mention, the fact that Apple may have created a way to put a fingerprint scanner on a phone is amazing considering the extensive technology required to do such a thing. I definitely agree that it is worth it for Apple to push back the release date if they are putting a fingerprint scanner on the phone as it will revolutionize IT security. I hope that this is just the beginning and Apple continues to spend time and resources on developing more and more methods for IT security considering how important it is these days.

  2. Again, Apple is trying to stay ahead of the curve by trying to attempt to solve the problem that has been bugging many different technologies – the problem with security. I believe it will be interesting to see this delay will allow other firms to come in and try and figure out what Apple is trying to do. Interesting blog post that is very relevant to what we have been talking about in class. Perhaps Apple’s next big innovation is more to do with technology security?

  3. It is definitely worth to wait for a advanced security adaption in iPhone. Doing so, Apple again takes the lead in mobile security. There haven’t been any fingerprint scanning for mobile devices not to speak of a touch screen device. It is very hard for me to imagine that the flat screen can scan one’s fingerprint. iPhone’s innovation for sure will make a big change. However, it is important that Apple not only improve their external security, but also keep up with the security of their softwares. Because despite the fact that apple updates its IOS very often for iPhone, hackers can still crack it in a few days after the update. Users can then jailbreak their phone and get apps for free.
    Looking forward for the release of iPhone 5S :)

  4. I believe it is definitely worth it as well. Security these days, especially with the evolving vulnerabilities is second to none, and should be taken much more seriously. This finger print technology could be a very big and important step for Apple.

  5. It seems to me as if Apple knows something we don’t know. Whether it’s another generation of hackers aimed at Apple devices or just a surge in security. While the fingerprint scanner technology seems to be an almost impenetrable measure of security I don’t think it is necessary for the average consumer…yet. In the future, yes I could see the importance of one, but no one is trying to get into my phone except for my brother when I am in the shower. In response to the previous comments, the main security concern when it comes to mobile devices isn’t from physical threats, but instead threats over the internet. The fingerprint scanner is eliminating a non-existent threat.

  6. What an interesting update! This post is certainly a wake up call for me in terms of the importance of maintaining a high level of security on devices. I am a bit suspect on the reliability of a fingerprint scanner, especially considering that some unfortunate people lose fingerprints to skin disease and other ailments.

  7. This new security feature is seems like it will definitely be worth the wait. With IT security rising as a hot topic int he technology industry, Apple seems to be ahead of the game once again. Recognizing consumer’s concerns about security, will prove profitable for Apple. The innovation technology required to implement such a feature on a phone is immense, but I would never put it past Apple to step up to the challenge. Of course the interface will probably have a few bugs in the beginning, but I believe that standard of security on mobile devices will become a key source of product differentiation in the future.

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