Smartwatches: Are They the Way of the Future?

Recent speculation is that the new hot technological gadget on the horizon will be worn around the wrist. Commonly referred to as smartwatches, these devices have everyone wondering whether they will revolutionize mobile devices. However, the question that remains is will people actually have a use for them? Obviously there are people who love new technology and will be lining up outside of stores to get their hands on these the minute they go on sale. The issue is whether these will just be a passing fad or an integral part of our lives in the future.

The first question to consider is what these devices will look like. Nobody will want to wear something that is cumbersome and ugly. Therefore, the design will most likely be a sleek and inconspicuous touch screen that will have various different colors and designs. I imagine that companies will want to make a product that is fashionable yet somewhat understated. However the question is whether they will be able to accomplish this while still maximizing functionality.

Another key issue to consider is how well these devices will be integrated into our daily lives. Having text messages appear readily on our wrists sounds like a good idea in theory, but what about the social implications? Constantly looking at your watch can be taken as a sign of boredom and disinterest. I can see this being a little bit awkward in the early stages when only a small population of people own these watches. This issue may well be phased out over time, but is something to consider in the beginning.

Perhaps the major issues to consider about these gadgets are how much they will cost and what sort of apps will be available. It is most likely that these devices will be a compliment to smartphones. Therefore, they must be reasonably priced as consumers will not want to pay a huge amount for both devices. Second, how will apps work with these watches? There is great potential, especially since this device will be an extension of the human body. A great example would be in the fitness realm, where a heart rate monitor could easily track the progress of workouts. This is but one example of the many possibilities that exist with the use of apps.

Personally, I think these devices will be very popular but they need to be able to survive the initial release. The fact is that it will take time to adjust to this change in mobile technology. Once they become more popular I think they will provide interesting new possibilities to our daily routine.



6 thoughts on “Smartwatches: Are They the Way of the Future?

  1. A smartwatch is a very interesting idea. I understand that it is a complimentary device to the smartphone, which is why i am wondering how big will it be? Obviously you would not text on it because you would only have one hand and I imagine the screen won’t be that large. In the fitness realm it would seem to be pretty useful and worth buying if moderately priced, but aside from this I do not see a real need for the smartwatch. I think it is similar to what we watched today in class with the sight video in that sometimes humans just try to take technology too far. There comes a time when enough is enough and we no longer need to use technology just because we have it and I feel that the smartwatch seems to fall into this category. The blog is great and the topic is very interesting I am just curious as to what other unique abilities the watch can do that would warrant someone purchasing it.

  2. I think the idea of a smartwatch is interesting, but that alone. It feels like an almost forced idea. Do we really need a mobile phone attached to our wrists? I am curious, as you are, to see how different these watches would be from mobile phones. Like you said, I’m sure there will be a ton of technology obsessed people out there who will line up to buy these devices. However, I don’t see them as being very useful or even practical for the average person. I found a similar problem with Apple’s mini-iPad. Was it really a good business strategy to create the exact same product in a smaller size? The iPad, as it is, is basically a large iPhone. To me, it feels as though these companies are trying to milk every last cent out of customers before they realize all their devices are unnecessary.

  3. This article was very interesting but I also agree that this idea seems forced and is not a necessity. It seems like it is just another thing to sell to make money and that its features could be accomplished by another device. I also feel like it will just be a supplementary device and thus not necessary to buy, along with the price which will most likely be through the roof. With the idea of always looking down at your watch and the social implications, there is a blog post on the Google Glass that speaks on how the Glass is designed to keep people from always looking down at phones, watches, and other devices. It is supposed to keep people more involved in real life while still using technology.

  4. Good job! I am really looking forward to see how well smartwatches do in the market. Personally, I am a little bit skeptical on their potential. I do not know why someone would like to have a watch that does the same thing as your cellphone. Why just not pull it out? I also read the same post as kmalenich (sorry! I don’t see your name) did and believe that the whole “not-looking-down” concept its the future to this industry. Google knew how to fix this problem. Now, I want to see what is the response of its competitors.

  5. I think the idea of integrating smart watches with phones, tvs, and computers could be fascinating. I think there is a huge potential for them to do interesting things with personal health too. Taking temperatures, blood pressure, and heart rate might not be too far off.

  6. This a great blog post that touches on all of the important issues surrounding the development of smartwatches. Obviously design and price are key issues as with any new product, but I am more intrigued by the potential applications. I think the fitness applications your pointed out would be make it easy to market the smartwatches to a specific group of people, especially with the current health craze. There seems to be a great outlook for health apps to be implemented from monitoring one’s heart rate to measuring one’s blood pressure. However, I am weary of the possibility of having texts show up on my wrist. Like you pointed out this would take some time to adjust to and would heavily impact our social lives. I am very interested to see how these devices will impact our daily lives.

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