MyHealthTeams: Social Media Provides Health Care Relief

MyHealthTeams, founded by Eric Peacock, is a venture backed company that creates social networks for chronic disease communities. The company strives to provide those who are affected by chronic diseases with a resource for communication with others that have a similar diagnosis. Eric started the company after he noticed a trend in families reaching out via Facebook for comfort and advice regarding their day-to-day struggles resulting from a diagnosis of a chronic disease, either in themselves or in a loved one. MyHealthTeams brings the social network of a Facebook and the local search engine of a Yelp! to work toward one specific condition.


MyHealthTeams has created three specific sites for chronic disease communities: MyAutismTeam, MyMSTeam, and MyBCTeam. Each network provides its users with an easy way to connect with others affected with Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, or Breast Cancer. On the website users are able to share their experiences, ask questions, and discover other families struggling to overcome the same day-to-day obstacles. Each site allows users to search for others in the community based on their age, gender, diagnosis, stage of disease, etc. to find their best match. Users can also find local treatment offices that are reviewed by other users on the MyHeathTeam site.
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The MyHealthTeams sites have skyrocketed with such popularity that the company continues to create new sites for others diagnosed with chronic doseases. MyHeathTeams considers two main factors during the creation process of a chronic disease community site:

  1. Is it a disease that really affects your day-to-day life?
  2. Is there a relatively large community of people diagnosed with this disease

MyHealthTeams considers these to questions in an effort to make the largest impact possible. MyHealthTeams has provided so many with health care relief that doctors have begun to prescribe the MyHeathTeams brochure to patients who have been diagnosed with one of these diseases.

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 2.53.30 PM

MyHealthTeams also partners with doctors heading up clinical trials. The site gives doctors the ability to seek patients with their desired diagnosis and characteristics for their trial. In this way MyHealthTeams can avoid bombarding their users with ads in order to remain profitable.

For more information visit and watch on!


2 thoughts on “MyHealthTeams: Social Media Provides Health Care Relief

  1. This is a very good blog post about a very great company! I think MyHealthTeams is a great example of the positive power and capabilities of social networking sites. There are so many people in the world that are faced with chronic illnesses that have no outlet or anyone that can really relate to them. Of course it’s always nice to have family and friends, but I imagine that sometimes it is nice to talk to someone that is going through the same struggles that you face with a chronic illness. It’s great that doctors are recognizing the positive potential of such a website and are recommending this website to patients who they diagnose with such diseases. I like that doctors are able to seek out patients that may be interested in a clinical trial to help find a cure for their chronic disease.
    In class today, we discussed the shooting at the Boston Marathon and how social media seems to become very relevant at times of conflict or disaster. Although not completely synonymous, I think that the MyHealthTeams website works similarly as it provides a sort of social media type of website that allows people to connect with others during times of personal conflict or struggle.
    I really like idea of the MyHealthTeams website and this is the first time time I’ve ever heard of something like it. Great topic and blog post.

  2. Great article, and a great idea for a company. I think it is invaluable for communities within a disease to have a means of communicating, organizing, and supporting themselves. Communities have long formed around diseases and the events held to support those afflicted.

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