Cyber Warfare: North Korea Strikes

                It security has become an increasingly major issue on the world stage as technology has become easier and easier to use. Computer hacking is no longer a small scale one man job but rather is now being utilized by large hacking organizations such as Anonymous and Lulzsec have the power, using legions of hackers, to shutdown websites that many people would think are impenetrable such as the FBI’s website.  Organizations such as these use hacking to make a point but recently countries have begun using mass hacking to partake in a new use for hacking, cyber warfare.


   This new type of warfare was put use by the United States and Israel to set back the Iranians nuclear program but has recently been featured in the news when North Korea attacked the networks of banks and companies in South Korea essentially shutting them down. This issue is incredibly concerning because now it is possible for foreign countries to attack the united states without ever coming close to our shores. These North Korean attacks are not being committed by one hacker but rather by hundreds of people most of them no nothing about IT or computer science. Rather, the north had prepared these attacks for months and just gave instructions to a multitude of people on how to execute the attacks. The attacks came from computers in 10 different countries making it increasingly difficult for those in the south to prove that the attacks had actually originated in the North. The video featured by the Huffington Post in the link below provides a response from the south.

                This new issue of cyber warfare is a very concerning one because it allows countries to attack each other’s economies and defense networks without warning. At this point attacks haven’t turned into serious disasters but with our defense networks being increasingly attached to computers and technology the potential for massive devastating attacks has increased exponentially. With the lack of international laws and treaties to prevent these attacks there is no clear end in sight. 


4 thoughts on “Cyber Warfare: North Korea Strikes

  1. Interesting topic and it relates to what we learned in class. A few pointers: I think you should read over the blog again and capitalize words like “IT” and “United States” and also no nothing should be “know nothing”. I think that if there is a World War 3, it would be started by cyber warfare because IT is so easy to hack into. If North Korea invested in hacking, it may be a serious threat to the world because it could potentially make all the major U.S companies networks crash which will result in the loss of millions of dollars. I agree with your blog about how it is hard to prove that North Korea caused the crime. Our guest speaker talked to us about how now hackers will hack into a computer in Saudi Arabia and which will then hack into a computer in Poland and finally hack into a computer in the United States. Also laws about security are always 10 years out of date so there is no way to address issues like this. I think the best plan for companies and governments is to invest in IT security. I know that security isn’t a priority because consumers don’t really care about it, but now that everything is cyber, if there is not enough security many business and networks can be affected. The virus that the guest speaker talked about infected millions of computers in a matter of minutes. Fortunately, it was benign, however now that there are so many organized crime groups who knows what can happen in the near future.

  2. This is certainly an interesting topic.. time sensitive to the current global tensions with the possibility of war in the air. Your article, however. kind of questions what we now define war as.. no longer is it purely physical warfare but instead can be considered as underground and technological/computer battles. This seems to me to be even more frightening than physical battles as there is no warning and can occur much faster and unforthcoming. I think this large scale hacking will not online increase international tensions but will make the war less publicized and blur the line of what is war and what is not.

  3. You did a great job writing about a current event and relating it to our class discussions. Personally, I find the idea of cyber warfare to be alarming because it gives countries the power to hurt other countries while never setting foot on their soil. Technology and the internet has made the world flat, and now we can see how warfare is being flattened as well. Technology has given regimes like that of North Korea the power to censor what their citizens know. I read in a different article that North Korea deprives their citizens of a lot of information by censoring what they can see on the interntet. Through the example of North Korea it seems that cyber warfare is something that will continue develop as technology does.

  4. Interesting post! I have always found the concept of cyber warfare a scary one myself. This post does a nice job of tying in class concepts, however I would have been interested to see if you found some other examples of cyber warfare to use as a comparison. The idea that North Korea, as isolated as it is, still has power to inflict damage on neighboring countries via the internet is an astounding one. Thanks for sharing!

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