It security has become an increasingly major issue on the world stage as technology has become easier and easier to use. Computer hacking is no longer a small scale one man job but rather is now being utilized by large hacking organizations such as Anonymous and Lulzsec have the power, using legions of hackers, to shutdown websites that many people would think are impenetrable such as the FBI’s website.  Organizations such as these use hacking to make a point but recently countries have begun using mass hacking to partake in a new use for hacking, cyber warfare.


   This new type of warfare was put use by the United States and Israel to set back the Iranians nuclear program but has recently been featured in the news when North Korea attacked the networks of banks and companies in South Korea essentially shutting them down. This issue is incredibly concerning because now it is possible for foreign countries to attack the united states without ever coming close to our shores. These North Korean attacks are not being committed by one hacker but rather by hundreds of people most of them no nothing about IT or computer science. Rather, the north had prepared these attacks for months and just gave instructions to a multitude of people on how to execute the attacks. The attacks came from computers in 10 different countries making it increasingly difficult for those in the south to prove that the attacks had actually originated in the North. The video featured by the Huffington Post in the link below provides a response from the south.

                This new issue of cyber warfare is a very concerning one because it allows countries to attack each other’s economies and defense networks without warning. At this point attacks haven’t turned into serious disasters but with our defense networks being increasingly attached to computers and technology the potential for massive devastating attacks has increased exponentially. With the lack of international laws and treaties to prevent these attacks there is no clear end in sight. 


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