Trunk Club: Men Need to Shop no more

In recent years the fashion industry has been a hotbed for new and unique business models which increase customer service and other aspects of business through the use of technology. Zara used IT to simplify their value chain and get product that their customers wanted to them faster. They also used it and a simplified supply chain to increase the diversity of the products on their shelves around the world.

In 2010 a new company emerged on the fashion scene determined to carve out its own niche in the industry. Trunk club has recently emerged on the scene determined to eliminate poorly dressed men from the world. Trunk Club has two aspects to its business a conventional retail store in downtown Chicago and also its far more used aspect a user-friendly website.

Trunk Club has a simple business model the user pays no online monthly fees does not need an invite and simply in puts his height weight waist size and shoe size and must upload a picture of himself. Trunk club then pairs him with one of their many stylists  through their website and the customer can then message the stylist informing them which stores he frequents and whether or not he is confident or not in his personal style.

Stylists then put together a trunk of clothes, from stores such as J. Crew and Brooks Brothers, and send it to the customer free of charge. upon receipt of the trunk the customer can Skype with their personal stylist and discuss the fit or look of the clothing that they have purchased. This allows for one on one interaction like you would get from a personal stylist but over long distances. The customer only pays for what he keeps and can send the “trunk” back with free shipping as well if they do not like any of the clothes sent.

This idea utilizes the internet to make it possible for everyone to have a personal stylist without having to pay exorbitant prices to do so. It allows people to have the process of shopping for clothes simplified for them so they are not overpowered by the massive selection that is available to them. Trunk Club makes money by targeting men who aren’t confident in their clothing and who are willing to revamp their entire wardrobe. This is a unique idea because Trunk Club does not produce any of its own product but rather helps individuals sort through all the clothes that are produced by the fashion industry.


8 thoughts on “Trunk Club: Men Need to Shop no more

  1. This is the first time I have ever heard of Trunk Club and I have to say, I am very impressed. The fact that there is a company out there that will essentially redo your entire wardrobe without ever seeing you face-to-face and free of charge is astounding. The clothing companies that are associated with Trunk Club are relatively upscale clothing such as J. Crew and Brooks Brothers so you know that you are definitely receiving quality clothing and styles. With modern day department stores, it can often be very intimidating to go shopping at a Macy’s or Nordstrom’s. I like how this type of website gives everyone the opportunity to have a personal stylist regardless of wealth. As I was reading this blog post, Trunk Club somewhat reminded me of another online clothing company I don’t know if you’re familiar with this website, but it essentially allows consumers to buy brand name clothing and accessories at heavily discounted prices for a limited time, and then new clothes and accessories replace the old ones on the website. It’s amazing what online shopping has come to and how everyone can have a personal stylist and receive great style tips and clothing simply by going on a website such as Trunk Club.
    I like how you incorporated some pictures as well as a link to the Trunk Club website. You are also the first person I have seen that has embedded a link into your blog, so that I can go and look at the Trunk Club website just by clicking on the words “Trunk Club” in your blog.

  2. As someone who is very interested in fashion, this was by far my favorite blog post. I think the whole idea of Trunk Club is awesome. Also it seems like the process they use as their business model would be super effective, as well as really innovative. I really like the idea of an online personal shopper that can actually pick out styles that can work for a specific person, FOR FREE. I think that is the coolest part of all of this. However, I do think that this company makes it very easy for people to take advantage of them as a resource. What would stop someone from taking their tips and buying the pieces straight from the retailer? Is there any sort of mark up on the clothing? Regardless, i think this company has a really cool, innovative, forward thinking idea that could potentially be huge.

  3. Great post. The innovative idea of Trunk Club is very nice. However, I wander why it is not becoming popular. Maybe it is because of the long process, most people nowadays won’t spend the time to send and wait for the help. Also, I suppose the company needs lots of stylist to supply people’s demand, where do they get profits? since most of the services are FOR FREE.

  4. This website sounds like a really innovative idea. Personally, I like to think i have good style, but getting an opinion and shipment from a stylist who will tell you what works and what doesn’t would be a great experience. The personal nature of this website, even though it is mostly online, makes it one of a kind in its field. Occasionally, you can talk to a business employee on chat on their website to fix a problem you’re having with say, Comcast, but I’ve never heard of something like this. I think the personal nature of their website, the one on one attention, will help it stand out among its competitors. It doesn’t seem like a great formula for profitability, but it does seem like a company with great potential for growth.

  5. I have never heard of Trunk Club before your post and am surprised I never have after reading. It seems like an awesome idea that eliminates a lot of the annoyance that men go through to find clothes. My brother, for example, is a 22 year old working in DC and he has never been a fan of actually going to the mall, however, he likes to dress nicely. Whenever he goes with his girlfriend he is dragged around to the stores she wants to look at. Trunk Club definitely eliminates the stress of shopping for men. It is also extremely affordable with no monthly fees. The only complaint I have about this company is that they do not cater to women! Great post.

  6. Trunk Club reminds me a lot of Fresh Direct, only for clothing instead of groceries. It’s amazing how technology can take activities as commonplace as going to clothes/grocery stores and completely cut out the need for them. I also like how Trunk Club, despite replacing shopping in person for Internet shopping, still manages to retain that human element by having stylists available to talk via Skype. I do wonder, though, how profitable Trunk Club can be since they essentially act as just a middle-man between clothing companies like Brooks Brothers and their clients, plus they probably lose a lot of money paying for all the shipping for any returns. This leads me to believe that they charge a lot for customers to be able to talk with their stylists. At any rate, this was a great post complete with a link and pictures, and it was on a topic that many of us were unfamiliar with,

  7. I love this idea. It is a great post, especially because I have never heard of this service before. I think it really shows how things that used to be only for the elite wealthiest class are available to more people because of price depreciation. The clothes, however, are still pretty expensive brands that makes it for the wealthier people, unless one plans on returning everything after the box is delivered. It combines a human element with a technological, easy, fast method of delivery. From a girls perspective, I think that it is probably easier for men to benefit from this than women. I’d imagine that it would be much harder to chose clothes and styles for women than it is for men. I really enjoyed this post and I think that it is a really cool idea to use.

  8. This sounds like a great service, I’m amazed I haven’t heard of it before. And also, I too am a little disappointed they don’t cater to women as well. That aside, I would have been interested in seeing more of the supply chain side of the company? Where do they get their stylists, are they reliable? What is the turn around rate for getting a trunk of clothes sent to you? Also, these seems to me to be an example of the direction the world is going in-online shopping. As someone mentioned with Fresh Direct, Trunk Club is not the first instance of this kind of service. I’ll be interested to see what companies come up with and in what way they can continue delivering goods to our doorstep.

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