Millions of People are just a click away

Knowledge is power, or that is at least how the saying goes. Now, in an ever interconnected world is tech is power. Through tech the world is at one’s fingertips. Today, I am concerned about the exploitation of this power through social media sites such as twitter. Unfortunately, people do not fully grasp the immense amount of power they control. Take for example the case against the Steubenville football players that we talked about in class. These kids practically incriminated themselves by tweeting and posting videos for the world to see. These kids provided the evidence used to convict them. The world is becoming less and less private andpeople need to use better judgment when using these social media hubs.

The other day I read about a woman named Adria Richards who utterly abused her right to be heard by many when she tweeted a picture of two men who were conducting themselves poorly at a conference for developers that use Python programming language. These men were making inappropriate sexual remarks and deserved to be reprimanded for them, but that did not give Richards the right to shame the men in a public forum like twitter for their comments.Ultimately, Richards and one of the men identified were fired by their employers for their actions. Richards probably did not understand the severity of her actions at the time and that is the problem. People just do not realize how large a net they cast when they are using these social media sites like twitter.–finance.html


For all the reasons I have previously mentioned as to why it can be problematic, twitter also has many advantages. Like for example, how we are using it as a place for our class to communicate. If we have a problem we could so easily tweet at one of our TAs and get the question answered in no time. Twitter’sability to reach millions is incredibly useful. Just this past week when I was pulling my hair out over housing I was able to see all the housing options go right before my eyes by following BC Reslife on twitter. This ability to communicate with so many people so easily is something we have never experienced before and is being engraved into our lives.

Arguably, the people who benefit the most from twitter are small business owners. These business owners do not have the resources to market their business’ but twitter allows them to reach so many people who never would have known about the business. Twitter acts as a platform to allow thesesmall business owners to more personally market to potential costumers. The practicality of twitter is what makes it truly valuable. For example, a restaurant can tweet out specials and all those that enjoy eating at the restaurant would see them in their twitter feed. So, while a person goes on to twitter to read about how a friend is in awe after learning that a tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable then the person would see the specials for the restaurant. Then whoknows, maybe a certain dish caught the person’s eye and now that person will be one more customer you will have tonight. The ability for small business to market themselves much more effectively evens the playing field and allows these smaller business to compete with the conventional powerhouses.



The purpose of my blog today was to take a closer look at technology and its ability to act as a double edges sword. If there is only one thing you take away from this blog let it be this….




6 thoughts on “Millions of People are just a click away

  1. I thought that your blog post was incredibly insightful and I really enjoyed how you explored twitter as a means of communication. On your next blog post i think that rather than giving general descriptions of multiple examples you might want to consider digging deeper into one specific instance and really analyzing it. This blog post related to class really well because of the importance of twitter in our class environment. Finally you should consider utilizing more of the interactive quality of this blog sight by including more pictures, maybe even a video or graph. Great work

  2. First off, I thought the youtube clip at the end was very clever. It perfectly summarizes the issue society faces with advancing technology. While technology can provide many great advancements in society, it is going to take a long time for people to properly adjust their behavior in public and on social media sites before the full potential of this new technology can be reached. Unfortunately, teaching society as a whole how to properly act would be next to impossible. Therefore, society will have to continue to learn by trial and error what is right and what is wrong when it comes to the use of technology. I only hope we figure this out sooner rather than later and the consequences of our mistakes do not prove to be a severe detriment to society. I agree with Garrett in that I think that by embedding the pictures more within the text and videos so that the URL does not show will also help improve your next blog. However, the content of this post is great!!

  3. Likewise, I am starting to become more bothered about the ability of social media to access millions of people in one click. What one used to think was to stay between his or her friends is now available to millions of people. I only first started becoming wary of this around the time I was applying to colleges. I know many people deactivate their facebook’s or change the spelling of their name to prevent being easily found in a search on the social media site. As a senior, four years ago I did not have as much exposure to social media as I do now. Now, as continue through my job search, I have become wary again about the effect social media can have on it. I have heard many horror stories about people who are rejected from jobs because of what is found by the prospective employers on social media sites. As technology becomes more a part of our every day lives, especially social media, when will the appropriate standards of use become common place?

    This also leads me to another question. I am a political science major. We all have seen several scandals affect people in the political sphere, because of their use of social media. It leads to me question, for our generation, how many of us are actually electable? In 20 years or so when some of us may decided to run for public office, will it simply be impossible to for one to be elected because of easily whatever we have posted on facebook or tweeted can be found and used against us. This was a great post that really got me thinking about how technology is most certainly a double edged sword.

  4. I really enjoyed this post, especially since it tied in nicely to the topic of my own blog post, the Steubenville rape case. After researching the Steubenville case, I wholeheartedly agree that people don’t realize that anything they post online can easily go viral through the “snowball effect” and wind up going public for all to see. As a huge Spider-man fan, I got a good laugh out of the clip at the end, but I do feel that the message behind the video should be taken seriously. There is no way to keep one’s posts on social media completely private, and simply deleting a post cannot undo what’s already been done. Hopefully, the Steubenville case and the Richards case help people to realize the ramifications of what they post on social media.

  5. You’ve hit on some really key topics here surrounding social media. First, you made a good point about twitter’s down side. Yes, Richards shouldn’t have posted those inappropriate picture to twitter, but my question is why didn’t Richards have the “right” as you say to shame the men? What are our social media rights? To me it seems like this is a gray area when dealing with different social media platforms, because social media really does give us a new voice, with very little censorship. Additionally, great point about small businesses. This is a major reason why social media is so great for smaller companies-it allows them to make themselves seem bigger. Thanks for sharing!

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