What is Social Media, Anyway? (And Why Managers Should Care)

How businesses work with social media is a growing issue, complicated by how quickly social media itself is changing. Managers can benefit by understanding better what social media is — and isn’t. Continue reading


Is It Worth The Risk?

In our recent discussion about security and hacking, I thought that it would be relevant to examine the website The Pirate Bay, which allows its users to upload or download different types of media files. This website is always running into legal trouble from organizations looking to for allowing the illegal downloading of a multitude of … Continue reading

The Future of Internet Security

As we discussed in class, hacking can be a serious problem. One person or a small group of people can attack and entire company to steal information about the company or its customers. This can be very costly for a company. However, it is still extremely hard to prevent a hacking. Companies would have to … Continue reading

Google’s Anticipation Engine

Samsung and Intel have now joined Google in investing in an ‘Anticipation Engine’ start-up called Expect labs. It is a small start-up that has had a lot of cash thrown at it lately. The folks from Google have been putting a lot of money behind machine-learning engines, and trying to learn our ways to suggest … Continue reading

Life Through 3 Inches of Glass

We all do it—compulsively whip out our camera phones at any given moment to document photos and videos of anything and everything. We do it to preserve the memory. Or maybe, we do it so everyone on Twitter, Facebook, Vine, and Instagram can see that we’re actually outside of our house being social. Are smartphones, … Continue reading

Hulu’s Current State

Tuesday the online video web site Hulu, stated that it had doubled its number of paying subscribers in the last year to four million. The announcement comes in the midst of some uneasiness at Hulu, as two of its owners, Walt Disney Company and News Corporation, have been hinting that they may sell. Also last … Continue reading

Social Media Around the World: Join the Facebook Event!

When Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey founded Facebook and Twitter, they probably didn’t know the incredible response their sites would receive around the world, and how important their social media sites are for activism, protests, and movements in many parts of the world. Because we are living in a more flattened world, people almost everywhere … Continue reading

Facebook Ads…Useless?

Over 67% percent of Internet users in the United States use some form of social media. A large portion of that demographic uses primarily Facebook. It has the most users worldwide of any social networking site. I consider myself an typical 19 year old male, using Facebook just about daily to do a number of … Continue reading

Social Media for Market Driven News.. Too Much??

Following last months SEC authorization of social media as a means for market driven news, bankers, CEOS and hedge funds have become ubiquitous on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. With the growing use of social media in alternative contexts comes much speculations on where the SEC should place more regulations in order to more closely manage … Continue reading

The Power and Pitfalls of Social Media

I have personally experienced the power of social media. Facebook has allowed me to maintain friendship with people in Ireland, England, and New Zealand. While studying abroad with limited internet and technology access I was able to share my experience with my family and friends through pictures, Skype, and messaging. Twitter allowed me to follow … Continue reading


Tell me something I don’t know. I am lost and don’t know where to go. Help me to connect with my different groups of friends separately. Help me set up an easy to use and business appropriate email. Show me pictures of the people and places I ask you to show me. Keep me up … Continue reading

Happy birthday, iTunes!

Video killed the radio star? No, you can thank iTunes for that. A recent CNNMoney article (link below) outlines exactly how since their start, iTunes, although increasing the number of music sale transactions, has exponentially decreased the profits from sales in the music industry. Apple’s iTunes music Store debuted on April 28, 2003, introducing things … Continue reading

GOOGLE GLASS Hacking! Mission Complete!

Google has been investing a lot on innovations trying to build the next big thing. And, its newest invention called Google Glass has been on the top tech news for weeks. Back in early 2012, the tech world was amazed with rumors that Google was inventing an augmented reality goggles. As days went by, it … Continue reading

Personal Websites: New Way to Get Ahead

In the increasingly hostile job market that college graduates and working world veterans navigate alike it has become increasingly important to find any edge that you can gain when applying for a job. In a world where social networking has become an aspect of everyday life experts have begun to emphasize the importance of getting … Continue reading